Motorcycle Performance Parts - Items tagged as "Crf450x"

  • BRP "Pro-Line" Chain Guide Block QUICK VIEW BRP "Pro-Line" Chain Guide Block $79.95

    BRP "Pro-Line" Chain Guide Block


    The "Pro-Line" chain guide has been redesigned to improve chain guidance and reliability when riding in extreme conditions. The BRP Polymer Chain Guide offers Increased Strength, Superior Durability and Improved...
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  • Suede Top Seat Cover QUICK VIEW Suede Top Seat Cover $99.95

    Suede Top Seat Cover


    Performance and comfort is what a suede-top seat is all about.  Spend long days in the saddle without paying for it on the 'tail' end! Used by Johnny Campbell and other...
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  • Billet Start Button CRF QUICK VIEW Billet Start Button CRF $49.95 $40.00 SALE

    Billet Start Button CRF

    $40.00 $49.95

    Save space on your handlebars with this compact switch.  Machined from billet aluminum and anodized red, this momentary switch mounts to the backside of the front brake perch.  This mounting allows more...
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  • JD Jetting Fuel Tuner QUICK VIEW JD Jetting Fuel Tuner $240.00

    JD Jetting Fuel Tuner


    A great way to adjust fuel delivery on EFI bikes, especially when the ECU mapping cannot be modified.  This device corrects the lean condition caused when using aftermarket exhaust systems on...
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  • Zip-Ty Racing Shark Fin QUICK VIEW Zip-Ty Racing Shark Fin $149.00

    Zip-Ty Racing Shark Fin


    Protect your rear brake rotor from rock damage with this Zip-Ty Racing shark fin. Milled from billet aluminum, the brake caliper mounting bracket is anodized for corrosion resistance. The fin/disc...
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  • Pro Circuit T-6 Stainless Steel/Ti Exhaust System QUICK VIEW Pro Circuit T-6 Stainless Steel/Ti Exhaust System $959.00 $895.00 SALE

    Pro Circuit T-6 Stainless Steel/Ti Exhaust System

    $895.00 $959.00

    The Pro Circuit T-6 exhaust system is a bolt-on solution to add horsepower and reduce weight.  Race-proven by JCR Honda, this is the same exhaust system used by JCR to win the...
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