Motorcycle Performance Parts - Items tagged as "Crf450x"

  • BRP "Pro-Line" Chain Guide Block QUICK VIEW BRP "Pro-Line" Chain Guide Block $79.95

    BRP "Pro-Line" Chain Guide Block


    The "Pro-Line" chain guide has been redesigned to improve chain guidance and reliability when riding in extreme conditions. The BRP Polymer Chain Guide offers Increased Strength, Superior Durability and Improved...
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  • Suede Top Seat Cover QUICK VIEW Suede Top Seat Cover $99.95

    Suede Top Seat Cover


    Performance and comfort is what a suede-top seat is all about.  Spend long days in the saddle without paying for it on the 'tail' end! Used by Johnny Campbell and other...
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  • JD Jetting Fuel Tuner QUICK VIEW JD Jetting Fuel Tuner $240.00

    JD Jetting Fuel Tuner


    A great way to adjust fuel delivery on EFI bikes, especially when the ECU mapping cannot be modified.  This device corrects the lean condition caused when using aftermarket exhaust systems on...
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  • Zip-Ty Racing Shark Fin QUICK VIEW Zip-Ty Racing Shark Fin $149.00

    Zip-Ty Racing Shark Fin


    Protect your rear brake rotor from rock damage with this Zip-Ty Racing shark fin. Milled from billet aluminum, the brake caliper mounting bracket is anodized for corrosion resistance. The fin/disc...
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  • Pro Circuit T-6 Stainless Steel/Ti Exhaust System QUICK VIEW Pro Circuit T-6 Stainless Steel/Ti Exhaust System $959.00 $895.00 SALE

    Pro Circuit T-6 Stainless Steel/Ti Exhaust System

    $895.00 $959.00

    The Pro Circuit T-6 exhaust system is a bolt-on solution to add horsepower and reduce weight.  Race-proven by JCR Honda, this is the same exhaust system used by JCR to win the...
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