• Engine Plug and Block Off Kit QUICK VIEW Engine Plug and Block Off Kit OUT OF STOCK SALE

    Engine Plug and Block Off Kit

    $42.00 $50.00

    Sorry, this product is temporarily out of stock.

    This engine plug kit looks great and is functional, too!  The billet aluminum components are anodized red. Contains: 1ea Transmission fill plug 1ea Right side inspection cover 1ea Timing cover...
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  • JCR Engine Vent Kit QUICK VIEW JCR Engine Vent Kit $21.00

    JCR Engine Vent Kit


      Optimize engine airflow with a Johnny Campbell Racing Engine Vent Kit. Replaces and re-routes the stock engine vent. Allows hot, oily air to vent at the bottom of the...
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  • Radiator Fan Kit QUICK VIEW Radiator Fan Kit $239.00

    Radiator Fan Kit


    Avoid overheating with our radiator fan kit.  Proven by our test riders to lower the operating temp of the 2018-20 Honda CRF250R and 2019-20 CRF250RX. Mounts to the stock radiator and...
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