High Output Regulator/Rectifier System

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Power your CRF450x race lights like a pro with a JCR-built regulator/rectifier system.  This is the setup used to win the Baja1000 Class 22 Pro Motorcycle. When paired with a Baja Designs re-wound stator, this system will reliably power LED, HID and Halogen off-road lights.

The regulator/rectifier is a made-in-Japan Shindengen solid state device, designed specifically for OEM Honda motorcycles. With a proprietary locking connector, and a large aluminum heat sink, this regulator can handle the current produced by a re-wound stator running at high-rpm race speeds for sustained periods.

The wire harness is our own design- developed over years of riding and racing.  Featuring sealed OEM connectors and MIL-spec wire, it can easily handle the rigors of off-roading.

The re-wound stator does require a slight modification- the Delphi 2-way female connector needs to be attached near the OEM ignition and timing connectors (see picture).  We can do this, you can also do this, or maybe Baja Designs can do it when the stator is rewound.

If you purchase the system that includes a re-wound stator, you must send your good stock stator to Baja Designs, at your expense.  Ask Baja Designs to send your re-wound stator to our shop in San Clemente, CA for final assembly.

The installation of the components is simple plug 'n play, following the enclosed instructions with pictures.

Please allow 1-week lead time for this product.  CRF450x 2005-2018 only.

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