USB Power Port




Power your portable devices on the go with a JCR Speed Shop USB Power Port.

Ideal for charging or powering cell phones, GPS devices and cameras, this device connects to the vehicle's battery for a constant power supply.  The device features two USB ports side-by-side.

An integrated push-button switch with red led indicator toggles the power on and off to prevent draining the vehicle's battery.

Install on your motorcycle, UTV, ATV, snowmobile or any vehicle with a 12 volt to 24 volt electrical system. The integrated 7.5 AMP micro fuse protects your sensitive electronics from damage.

The USB Power Port has a compact design and versatile mounting system including handlebar clamp, high-bond tape and durable cable ties.

Simply connect the power cable from your device to the USB Power Port and you have portable power on the go!

A splash-proof cover protects the USB jack from dirt, water and snow when not in use.

Connection: USB Type A jack
Input: 12 - 24 VDC
Output: 5VDC 2.1AMP
Fuse: 7.5 AMP
Cable length: 59"
Weight: 3.0 oz



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